Dear all
We are currently doing online lessons/coaching . If you want to join our online lessons, please let’s know. Please feel free to indicate the subject & topic you want us to arrange lessons  for you.  The lessons are all done on ZOOM which is a very effective online interactive teaching platform.
In addition to this, we are now able to send you electronic worksheets,  along with the relevant study materials. The student learns the study materials, complete the worksheets and send them back to us for a very effective examination-oriented feedback which  is the most important part of the whole exercise.  Our team is working hard to make the whole programme  the most beneficial of its kind and cost-effective.   Please contact us  as there's nothing more worthier than investing in the child's academic future!
We are running special crash coaching sessions too for those who didn't manage to get the required grades in A-level Chemistry last year, at a very affordable fee.  Please contact us now
The time-table is shown below:
Thank you
Billey Mathew

Specifications of the major School/College examinations: 

AQA New GCSE Chemistry Specification                                OCR GCSE Physics A 9-1 specification                  

 AQA GCSE Biology 9-1 specification                                           AQA A-Level Physics Specification 

AQA GCSE Physics 9-1 specification                                            AQA A-Level Chemistry Specification 

OCR a level chemistry specification               EDEXCEL A-Level Chemistry Specification 

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