Subjects and News: Contact and Online lessons on Chemistry, Physics and Maths

Face-to-face tutoring 

We are practising teachers and we have been teaching Science and Maths to GCSE and A-levels for nearly three decades.  

We do lessons for GCSE Maths, GCSE Sciences, A-level Chemistry and A-Level Physics. 

If you want to attend our group sessions, please join us at 194 Barrows Lane, B26 1 RN 
Please let us know your needs: 

On-line lessons and lectures 

Now you are able to book online interactive lessons through this website. 

You can join a scheduled lesson/lecture by booking a place for yourself.

Please see the list of scheduled lessons

Resources for you to use 

This is a service available to your customers. 

Please download and use them as you prepare for your exams.